Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Denver's, Pt. 3

I have to hold back a bit. I've shot (most) of this collection three or four times now over the course of the last 4 or 5 years. And a few other independantly owned Denver's. It's really great that the bikes have been preserved. If I owned one, I'd probably make it a center piece in the house and never ride it. Good Luck. I'd probably ride it all the time! Too cramped for comfort in this place, next to the Kitchen Craft and the Women's Room. I can't blame them for brining and showcasing the bikes, they're worthy beyond value in a historical sense and with a inspirational creativity lacking in today's "builders" (whatever you want to call most hatchet men with a blow torch and a sawzall). If you end up locked in a Antartic Science Station during the winter next year, and have an internet connection and about 4 months to kill, you might be able to track back all the Denver shots I've taken and see the progress and collections growth (the sheer number of bikes they've been able to track down, obtain, and restore) over the years.

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