Saturday, February 18, 2012

DEUS ~ 02.17.2012 Venice, CA. (part 1 of 10)

 DEUS Grand Opening Party

Received the invite and, in now typical fashion, never RSVP'd. Imagine. 
The party was, apparently, a huge success. Packed. Extremely packed. Motorcycles were parking up and down the street on peoples lawns. Free BBQ. The good stuff, not your burger in a bun Hog slop either. They were grilling toppings in pans for crimony sakes. Free Booze, the good stuff, bottled. Damnation IPA, Double Barrel, Pacifico. Kegs of PBR if you were of the hipster sect. Expresso Bars, yes, Bars (i.e. more than one), what kind of grand opening is this? Not my regular event to say the least. I already said everything was Free right? Yes, FREE.


JBMFT said...

Compare this to the "swap meet" I went to today...sad.

Lady Hump said...

just wait... there was like 50 bikes on the sidewalks and surrounding curbs infront, and there about 300 people, insanely big opening! Im amazed at what the put out...