Sunday, February 19, 2012

DEUS ~ Grand Opening Party (2 of 10) and "I ride an Irony 883" commentary

 "It's so cool the neighbors were like, go ahead, park on my lawn."
They were?

I'm not even going to mention the lawn burnout ... Opps! Well, it wasn't me. And it wasn't on purpose, jus sayn'

A moment of Truth out front of the Deus party, as heard by Lady Hump;

Passer walking by with female looking at the parked motorcycles, "Man, I'm glad I didn't ride my bike tonight."

??? Becuase why ???

"Deus is a completely different kind of motorcycle company. While focussing on the design and construction of custom motorcycles, Deus promotes and celebrates a custom motorcycle culture that first appeared in Europe and America in the 1940s which has recently been revived by groups of young enthusiasts in Japan, America and Australia."
2318 Lincoln Boulevard
Venice Beach, California
I've never heard of DEUS before this invite arrived in the Lady Hump mail. Suffice to say, yes, from what I saw this is "a completely different kind of motorcycle company" in that they've succeeded where other(s) attempt at a creating a "custom motorcycle culture" shop have failed (or at least had limited success. I'm probably supposed to only point out the positive of this (the party was awesome; free food, free booze, free coffee, a ton of rad bikes out front, etc.) and other "shops" but truth is; this is not my "culture" nor would I shop at this place or places like it for clothing, etc. I wear pretty simple stuff; Dickies, t-shirts, the same pair of boots for about three years now, etc. And, I ain't paying more than saw $20 for a shirt and that price better include S/H. If there is a "Chopper Elite" group out there, and some would say, "Yeah, there really is, especially in Southern California." Than, this is the sister "Elite" shop of a different two-wheel breed of motorcycles. I don't know enough about cafe racer culture to slap a name on it, but I'm sure someone will chime in with a correction and slap me. Some of us were talking yesterday, that why would you spend $100+ on a pair of denim pants, to look like you you're wearing a pair of old used greasy $10 thrift shop pants? Just go to the thrift shop. Or buy a pair of pants regular price, and do some work in them, after a while the result will be the same. I don't want to start calling names, like "hipsters" etc. either, because this place isn't true to that label, even if you might think it is upon first glance. And there WAS a Hipster Element at work in this crowd. This is a "higher level culture" than I'm used to, not judging, just commenting on the obvious, and that's their thing. And when I say "higher level" I mean clearly economical. Go for it. They have, and it looks good. RESPECT. I'd rather see a hundred independent high end places like this turning out custom bikes for people willing to pay for them, than Harley Dealerships off every off ramp, off every freeway, selling stock bikes to every uneducated Johnny Q. Public who window shops because he watched another season of S.O.A. Guys who are garage builders are not going to CLOSE their garages because of it, of course not. )

The First Rule of the Chopper Elite IS you DONT talk about the Chopper Elite.

"You ain't making any friends talking about the Chopper Elite..."

The Second Rule of the Chopper Elite IS you DONT, talk, about, the, Chopper Elite...

maybe I should write a couple articles on the Chopper Elite; how it was born, who and what propagates it, where the financing comes from, who's succumbed to it and perished along the road. There's probably a hundred tales to tell that people would prefer not to be outed...

I say all this tounge in cheek. I could really care less about the people behind the Chopper Elite pulling the strings. But there's some who hold it up on a pedestal and some who dispise it emensly. If you know me at all, it's my dark clown humor, my "Irony 883" The "emo" sportster hate page,  pure sarcasim without boarders. Hell, that should be my tag line;



Terry Whitehurst said...

Sarcasm without Boarders -

I dont know what your taking about...

Lady Hump said...

Ism a doctrine, theory or thought system. How many ism's are there?

In its Truest meaning, there is one for every person on the planet. The definitions are constantly changing as our senses provide new information for the brain to process. The thousands of thoughts that we have every second are constantly effecting what we believe to be True. This can be seen in the fact that within so called established (ism's) like socialism no two believers have the very same beliefs.

But you're right Terry, I can't spell worth a shit.

Capt. Mikhail said...

It's all the Nazi gold. The Chopper Elite is actually just the Fourth Reich.

Larry said...

there was a small party last week in
LB at a small clothing company that supposedly caters to motor cyclists. kind of a artsy trendy upscale boutique, I browsed a little & I stopped browsing at their offerings when I looked at the price tag of a shirt that i "thought" I liked. 90 buck price tag convinced me real quick that I didn't like the shirt.
they had a 2 beer limit.(PBR) Fail!

Terry Whitehurst said...

Im FUCKING sick of motorcycle ART shows, motorcycle boutiques etc... Its starting to get to me, no its always got to me... its so much like what happened to New Wave and Punk Rock in the 90's, gawd damned souless bullshit Scensters. I fucking hate it! go ride your motorcycle instead of fucking hoping someone sees you riding your motorcycle.

I know what you were getting at Allen, I was making a statement. Im a HATER and proud of it, its the way I roll and the inspiration for many to hate me, which is Hilarious...

Iron Vaquero said...

The "true" chopper elite are here: