Wednesday, February 1, 2012

EDR Movie Premiere ~ Las Vegas Vamp'd

 Lucifer hit the Las Vegas premiere of the Lowbrow released EDR movie hosted by the Vegas Crew on January 25th (2012) at Vamp'd. The venue was a dark place, which one might expect with a Vamp('d) theme, (and the picrures paid the price) but he reports the turn out was high and the response to the movie even higher! If you spot Lucifer doing what he does (which is riding, riding, and then riding some more, just for the thrill of riding) pipe up and say "Oro' Lay Holmes!"

Must be one of those "real" Vampire places like the Titty Twister or somethun'? When Luficer when back the next moring the place was all sunshine and rainbows... abandoned, deserted, desolate, go figure?
But, I'll give them this, they take their motorcycle parking seriously, check out that reserved curb in front. Never in L.A., that's for sure.

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