Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Month RECAP ~ The February Blogosphere Challenge ~ It's Over

The February Blogosphere Challenge has ended.
Thanks to all the Blogs that participated in providing a month of clean sheets. The lack of "dog eating it's own vomit" that usually posts itself in the blogoshpere has skipped a hearty meal thanks to all of you! So, Cheers!
You may decide to stick to original-only posting, or you may revert into the confomity of reposting big tits and dirty beard limericks? I don't know what's best for you, I only know, I enjoyed the month immensely.

Some highlights of the month from the (in the end) 11 Blogs that participated in the Challenge;

That guy's facial expression on the left checking out the Lady, on NOYFB

Masshole Moto captured a Indian Larry Trike in the back of a shipping truck when they were shipping out a bike of there own to Japan. They didn't exactly stay 100% original, but they sure got a hella' lotta work done during the month. A Hella' Lot. Good Job guys. And, I thought it was winter? Wasn't everyone supposed to just be sitting around and complaining? ... as if we'd use rubbers or leave any taco uneaten, have you seen my belly?

Iron Vaquero rode his bike all over Wyoming taking pictures. Even had the decency to post up a trapped Sportster idle in a dealership.
 Man, open that cage door! Fly away little bird, fly away...

JBMFT taught us the proper way to Glitter Paint a lid, which hot sauce to praise, and which necessities should be brought along on any long distance motorcycle ride. That, and he made and gave away a nifty little leather tooled flask holder along the way.

Motorcycle Tabernacle spent the whole month fighting electrical gremlins on his bikes and floodig his shower with raw ewage I guess, I'm not sure what was going on over there, but I understand his wife was pretty upset with him ... hope everything works out for you in the end. Have you ventured out of the Laundry Room yet?

JDBatman over at What I See ~ Livin' The Two Wheeled Life, posted a ton of show pics and welding pics all month long. Good to see that Flyrite Sporty making it's way back onto the asphault. 8" over tubes are you crazy! They do look awesome.

Drunken Old Fools tricked me with Beer and Pussy, but I should have known better to begin with ...
 Let me get this right? The legal drinking age is 18 and (AND) you can ride your bike into Pubs for a refreshing malt beverage? Whu ...

Oily Side Down taught us all the proper way to "store" a Panhead engine when not in service. Thank you.

And just to make sure I thank everyone who participated, thanks also to everyone else who gave it the one two punch!, Bike Life Images ~ My So Called Life, HPMB (looks like you guys know how to party), and lastly Other Kind who started with us, but somewhere got caught up and didn't make it to the finish line. Hope I didn't miss anybody, but if you know me, I probably did. I have a tendency to label Panheads as Knuckleheads and Bro's as Ho's (but come on who hasn't made that mistake prospect? ...  ha ha.)

So I said, I was going to pick a winner at the end of the month, and really, arn't we all winners? Ha ha, NO. We've only got one winner and that is,

Drumroll please ...

The Lady Hump February Blogosphere Challenge Award goes to none other than, 
Kustom Jeff over at who aside from having a wife named Alison (same here), took a shit load of pictures (as did so many others), participated in rides, lunches, parties, fabrication, modifications, and just overall entertained me for the entire month. Thanks Jeff. Thanks also to everyone else who did the same, only difference is, Jeff get's a care package from the Lady Hump House o' Swag!
There can only be one winner, this isn't a "no one left behind" contest...
The rest of you, get the GLORY!!! and that's not a concelation prize neither.


Iron Vaquero said...

What to go! A ruler for sure!

KustomJeff said...

WOW! I still can't believe I won! There were some GREAT blogs in this contest, makes me proud to be included in a group with them. Gotta thank JT from JBMFT for telling me about the contest. I read the Lady Hump blog, but somehow I missed the post for the contest. so Thanks JT, I'll at least let you look at my cool prizes! It's nice to be recognized for doing what I've been doing all along. Thanks again for doing this and especially for picking me as the winner!

JBMFT said...

Well deserved my friend. Can't wait to peep your schwag...