Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GNRS ~ Go Go Power Rangers!!!

 What' the hell? These bikes have now appeared at the David Mann Show, the Easyrider Abortionfest, and now the GNRS. They're Power Rangers motorcycles, nothing more than television props, right?
Go Go Power Rangers!!! If it wasn't all original content month, I'd be blasting the Power Ranger pics along with this post for sure! I doubt the Guns and Roses show even blinks a eye at the shit squirts that show up, as long as the entrance fee is in the bank.
What can I follow this up with?
Between a bike like this or a cage. Put me in the Yugo.

Some other selection in the "America's Most Beautiful Motorcycle" coral. Why the title? I don't know. I guess they had the trophy in storage and brought it out for the show. How does a Japanese bike win "America's Most Beautiful Motorcycle" I don't know.

You'd expect to see more stuff like this, but I guess the divide between bikes attending this show and other (better, much much better) Chopper shows has widened immensely. The great expanse great'ens even more.
Another event I'll be removing from next years Bean Pot...

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