Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guess where I won't be going this Sunday ~ ? ~

I'd like the "I {heart} Strippers" shirt, and thorw in a "These Are My Church Clothes" patch too. They'll really go together nicely this weekend when I polish me 'Hawg.
 How much for the Steam Punk Dildo's?
"Sir, you give'th me a most wild case of the Vapors."
Hey, wait a minute? Arn't those just unpainted Wuss Ride Helmets?
What kind'a Hypocricay is this?

"The best kind my dear, the Best kind..."

What am I missing? 



R MotherF*cking H said...

You know, of course, because you aren't there all the good stuff will be.

So don't be a bitch and go to the swap-meet and get'cha some matching salt and pepper shakers for your ride.

Bonus points if you find a ceramic statuette of two pigs fucking that says "Makin' Bacon".

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm.... macon' Bacon. I love Georgia.

Lady Hump said...

Not going to happen. No way. This place is nearest and dearest detestable malicious farce of Long Beach. It's brings my whole image of the city down a few ladder rungs. And I used to praise it, but over the last year, it's really taken a shit on itself in the form of "anything goes!"

You want a "everything" swap meet, this is fast turning into one. Wanna Be Rose Bowl B.S.

Larry said...

If You don't go....You will miss the "Bike Show"