Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Cycles 3 yr. aniv. (pt.16 of 15) it just doesn't stop ...

 You know Gas Stations don't sell beer? They had to put a sign on the door for all us dumb out-of-towners who kept walking in, looking around, unable to find anything but sugar soft drinks in the coolers and then asking... but it didn't help. We all walking in and did all that anyway, then asked, then got pointed toward the sign on the door. Should have put the sign on the coolers I think. We would have had a much better chance of seeing it. I'm not saying we would have... it would have been a "better chance."
 They sell plenty of other stuff obviously
 Sportster fans the world over.

 Little Lindsay
 People still coming and going. The party still going strong.

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