Saturday, February 25, 2012

Love Cycles 3 yr. aniv. (pt.19 of 15) The secret of how it's all done ... shhhh.

 I need not praise the work this guy does. It has already spoken for itself.

 So you've come all this way and you're wondering how he (Jeremiah) does all this? With a little help from his friends to be sure. (And, I've never even introduced myself to the guy, so I'm just putting this together with the "evidence" at hand...), it's all a matter of "Planning."
You see, thanks to Huber, I was able to "read" the instructions on how to throw a kick ass party.
The secrets out. See you all in Phoenix next year! Cheers Jeremiah!!!

On another topic completely, I did a little "evidence" collecting at the Hotel we stayed at too. Blood and Smegma' people. Don't sleep on or under the sheets. Bring your own bag.

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