Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Cycles 3 yr. aniv. (pt.2 of 15)

 So we took three Sportsters from Los Angeles and headed east along the 10 towards Arizona. We found a used car dealership that was selling Tanks (we thought) but the "Museum Staff" didn't think our offer to buy said vehicles was at the least, "sincere."
The difference between Southern California highways and riding the 10 to Arizona. It provides the longest straights I've ever been able to open it up on without the constant brake, cut traffic, brake, cut traffic L.A. syndrome.
Lemme throw up, a little disclaimer; I did take as many Sportster shots as possible on this trip, but the usual "Sportsters Rule" tendencies in percentage of bikes was overwhelmed by the Shovel, Pan, Knuckers at this party. Yeah, there were Sporties there and I shot the shit out of them, but I shot everything equal on the down low.
 Didn't have the time to leave before Saturday morning. There was some happening's on Friday that I would have liked to attended but, sadly, was unable. The ride itself took about 7 hours, 400 miles. Not too bad. The front of Jeremiahs new shop is kick ass. You may have noticed the old location has been bulldozed (next lot over, now an empty gravel pit). I can't say there was plenty of parking in the back, there wasn't. Not when you have hundreds of bikes show up! Kick Ass.
 These pics were taken in the front of the shop. I parked in back, walked through the shop amazed. Got out into the front and started taking pictures and talking to hudu guru's before I realized, "Oh shit. I gotta go out back and shoot all those bikes too!" 
Met a ton of cool dudes that I only know (online) a bit about. If you came up to me earlly enough, I do remember you. If it was later in the night, I can only assume I remember you... thanks for sayin' Hi and I hope I didn't bore you with my bullshit stories. I started that facebook shit so look me up, Allen Hayden. Craze has the right idea to make it a contact list of Who's Shoe...
Tons more coming...

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