Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The One Moto Show, Portland OR. Feb 10th-11th 2012

Seamus made this report from The One Moto Show up in Portland; "This was my first time going to this show. There was a good mix of Jap, Brit and American bikes covering the spectrum from stockers to raked out girders but I stuck mostly with shooting the WUSS bikes (ed note: Sportsters). Yes i was digging the Ironhead thus the 6 or 7 shots of it. This was also my first time shooting a non digital camera in a long time and of course forgot to bring a wide angle lense so I had to get creative by taking multiple shots of one bike. $2 swill in a can and more beards, mine included, than you could shake a stick at... "

Super big thanks to Seamus from Seattle for taking the spin down and sharing some pics with the Lady Hump audience! I'll be posting the rest of his pics in the coming days. Glad to see there's some stuff going on in that corner of the country. and BTW, nice Ironhead.

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