Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PRESS PLAY TO START >>> Original Content Only for the entire month of February

Today is the Official START of the "February Blogosphere Challenge!"
What's that mean? Well, in an attempt to see more while at the same time see'n less. We've decided that we're going to go all original for the entire month of February, and we're encouraging other BLOGS to join us. I'll skip the long reasons why, but suffice to say, it's to lessen the amount of time wasted looking at recycled, stolen, and repetitive pictures and posts that seem almost unavoidable in today's motorcycle bloggers circles.
Listed to the right, you'll find a BLOG SCROLL of all the blogs that have pre-joined our Challenge. We'll be checking those blogs daily, and encourage you to do so too. You don't have to stop visiting your other favorite blogs, but know this; all of the blogs listed on the scroll have made the same commitment to original posting for the month, so you wont run into any double ups, right clicks, or water mark cropping victims.
Today is the cutoff date for new entrants. If you've been outta town and missed signing up, if you send me an email I'll put you in today (2/1/12) only.
What's in it for me? Glad you asked.  We're working on a "Lady Hump Armagedeon Survival Kit" for the winner (picked soley at our descretion, we'll loosely be asigning points for quality, quantity, and originality of posts)(we'll also deduct points for violating rules of the challenge. See official rules HERE.)
We'll probably throw some free swag out to runners up who make serious efforts to make this something, say it with me, ORIGINAL. That's all, no free motorcycles, Japaneese brothel vacations, or lifetime supplies of Greaser's Brand Hair Balm. Just Good Stuff from the Lady Hump. And the chance to get your blog all the directed traffic I can possible send to it (?)(How much is that worth? not a lot.)
We know this challenge isn't for everybody. Some blogs exist on the sweat nectar of twin peaks and stolen moto photos. That's not what this is about. This is about getting a small percentage of bloggers out there, who have the desire to do something original, with their own photographic and/or literary skills, to make something just a little bit unique for a short period of time. That and we're taking side bets on who'll post the most nekked pictures of their girlfriends wearing different helmets all month long... half face, full face, 3/4 face, vintage, metal flaked, jockey, German, motocross, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.... yeah!

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