Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Younger Core, Gen Y, Millenial Buyers, Harley unveils new models ... LA Times shows exactly how STUPID they can be, again.

 While I was out of town, the Los Angeles Times (a real piece of shit news paper; leftist of center, politico correcto up the whazoo, bleeding hearts, two faces, believes criminals are the victims and the victims are the criminals, etc. etc.) had an article in the Business section on the "new models" from Harley Davidson. Now in usual Lady Hump fashion, this article (the one your reading) has to point out the facts as they're printed and only the facts (to be as "fair" as possible. Remember, a "fair" is where you buy hot dogs and cotton candy. Jesus never promised you "fair" while you were slipping out the birth canal... or did he? Did he? Thought not.)
* Facts my ass. They printed the biggest bunch o' shit as usual. Let's explore it...
(and I scanned these myself in keeping it "original" as much as humanly possible)

The article starts at, where else(?), Cook's Corner, known for their warm beer, trinkets, and weekend warriors who want to light a little fire and blow of a little steam (nothing Rwong with that). People "gathered" at Cook's Corner to see these new (2) bikes? Really, the "roadhouse" was more "jammed" than usual (that's hard to believe, if you've ever been there. It's always packed with "real bikers of genius." Took that from the ol' beer comercial tag line...) anyway, to get a "glimpse" of the new Seventy-Two (Sportster) and a "Softtail Slim Retro Bobber" (whadda name!)
Let's draw your attention to the most ridiculous part of the entire "news" article:
In developing it's Seventy-Two, Harley looked into it's rearview mirror and scavenged from it's past, but it aslo peeked into the garage of modern-day custom shops in France, Japan, and Germany, where it's designsers were dazzled with metal flake finishes and "raw, simplified looks,"..."


I've got something that might dazzle you even more... You "peeked" into the garages? How's that? Oh, you mean you've got a team of "internet researchers" (or should I say "jockeys") whoring it up in the Forums... right. The rear view mirror? What is this a Johnny Depp movie? Now, maybe I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. But, if ever there was an article, like this one, written by Susan Carpenter of/for the "out of touch" Los Angeles Times, that puposefully directed people away from the fact (read: truth) that this type of "modern day custom"izing has been going on in the UNITED STATES OF AMERCIA for decades, and certinaly, the under the renewed attention of the "factory" for the mere sake of scratching out a justification to exist in our current recession/depression (where in the last two years Harley has seen a 55% decrease in sales) over the last ten (plus) years thanks to companies like, I don't know... Biltwell Inc., (and a host of others, way too many to list, but you can find a lot of them HERE) you stupid motor fuckers, then I don't know what to tell you. Okay, in defense of the Los Angles Times obvious IGNORANCE, they're not in step with the builders, customizers, or even the "hipsters" of today in all areas of expertise. Japan okay, for the sake of reality checks are on it, but NEVER at the sacrifice of what guys are doing and have been doing all over the US in the backyards and garages. France and Germany, not to be mean, but I think even they would tip their own hats at what/where inspiration is coming out of the U.S. Is the "Factory" afraid to go toe-to-toe with the average Quad Cam Bastard with a hacksaw and a wrench?  It sure as hell sounds that way. They went to Cooks Corner and two dealerships for the information printed, they probably also (although this is speculation) got spoon fed this bullshit of information and then were told that it "does taste like ice cream" although it was certianlly spooge from an elementary school teachers nut sack when it comes to honesty. Fair I guess is accepting the fact the Los Angeles Times is a horrible paper, dying a slow death from lack of readers, decreased subscriptions,  and internet news sources and that they'll cobble anything together in an effort to appear knowledgable on matters they're obviously riding way way in the back of the short school "news" bus. And, one more thing Times... go fuck yourself.


The last scentence in the article. Read it. "What's selling at Shokouh's 36-year-old dealership are higher-priced touring bikes and entry-level Sportsters."

... "entry level Sportsters." Hu? Go figure. That, I believe.

Entry Level Sportsters ... hu? 

I can rant forever cause the material to do so is never ending... I hope in the end, if you're seriously considering buying a Sportster. You look past the bullshit tag lines like "retro" "chopped" "scavanged from the past" "metal flake" "drag bars" etc. etc., do a miniscule amount of research, talk to a few fellow cultists or at least read what they have to offer in terms of D.I.Y.'n (Do It Yourself) because in the end, down the road, you'll have saved yourself $10,000.00 and been the wiser. You went toe-to-tow, mono-e-homo, Moe to Foe, with the Factory Marketing Team (the bestest in the business?) and you know what? You Won.


Ratchet_72 said...

Oh please God, when will the factory release the "Special Edition" Sporty with the Unicorn tank?
That day is coming Allen, save your energy...

Lady Hump said...

The jokes on me, the Unicorn Horn will be installed on the retro bobber slim springer drag Seat~!