Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bacon by the Seashore and "Saint Mikey" shirts ...

 The Lady Hump is a Sponsor of this year's BACON RUN
March 24th - 25th. What the hell does that mean?
What's that all about anyway? Try greasy sticks of meat skin waiting to be sizzled to perfection in the campfire skillets along the sea shore. Add liberal amounts of alcohol and shake repeatedly until a froth breaks the cap.
What the hell does that mean?
I don't even begin to know. But since I showed you the process of the art on these babies, I figured you'd be able to appreciate the finished crop.

Saint Mikey shirts ~ The Ruckus Ride
MARCH 17th ~ St. Patricks Day 3:00 pm, starting line: The Gasser Lounge
I'm making a few more of those shirts too, now officialy known as the "Saint Mikey" shirts, he's the well known Patron Saint of Inebriation.
"Stupify me with drink Saint Mikey, for I've been longing such a while..."
 Who cares? We care a lot. We do it for the Glory, not the Ferengi Gold ~ which by the way, will be much sought after on March 17th at thee' Gasser Lounge.

Speaking of this weekend, there's a shet'load of stuff the day before too...
$5. shows? What is this some kinda time wharf back to the waves of 1980?

Is this the same "Symbol Six" from way back from like 1984? Must be if they're headlining.

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