Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Born Free ~or~ Bacon? You Decide

 There seriously was a time when Pabst Blue Ribbon had a shred of respect around these parts (and by that I mean, America.) Now, it's another story. Blame the Hipsters.

So this weekend you've a choice to make. Probably more than one I suspect, but for this particular "choice" the options are as follows;
A.) Attend the Born Free 4 ~ Garage Co. party from 2-8, where they'll be serving FREE BEER! And the Garage Co. is certinally a place to go if you haven't gone before... better than a museum, that is fact.
The Lady Hump / Wuss Bros. (not pictured below) are "sportstering" a booth at this years Born Free, so we're pumping that angle. Support.

Or, the second choice (B.) which is the one I am recommending this weekend, is the BACON RUN 2012, a ride leaving from at least 3 scheduled spots around So Cal heading up north for an overnight camping trip, bacon eating games, (different from, but just as cool as) bacon eating contests, bacon bourbon, Bacon Mon'Fu self defense classes, a fiesta de'baconage, a bacon pinata', a bacon Jacuzzi, about all the BEER you could drink (BYOB and add to the community coolers!), hot chicks, beach front, private campground, "vintage" motorcycle rally, good times event hosted by the CRFyou party maniac, maniac! 

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Hot babes with bacon bras, fuck man, I know where I'd be rollin to.