Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brown Derby Beer * Review

 Not much of a review. I was cleaning the attic and found a box full of love letters from World War II. Ain't that sweet? Killing Japs over on Corregidor and had the time to spill his heart out to my grandmother. RESPECT. The box itself was from 1975 as best I could determine. The Beer, long since drank. Points of interest; the bottles were (evidently) Twistop (opposed to "twist tops") bottles. There was NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN, and they were most certinally, ONE WAY BOTTLES (opposed to those of you who are "bi" or take your bottles "both ways." None of that nonsense here my friend.
Not that i'd expect you to watch a 19 minute silent movie on the beer, but it shows the brewing process and way of living from 1937. Wow!

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