Thursday, March 15, 2012

But, I don't want to ride in the rain ... I might get wet ... I need a new back tire ... I don't have a front fender ...

 There's a storm out there headed our way. The city of Hermosa has already postponed their St. Patricks Day "parade" for a week later to avoid the forcasted showers. That's like having Christmas on January 2nd. Seriously ... Why even bother? Well, at this point we're not cancelling nothing.
I'm really sick of weather reports in Southern California that never "materialize" into "acutality."
 I've looked into my magic crystal balls and was able to determine that theirs absolutely NO chance of rain on St. Patricks Day. The Ruckus Ride will go on!
If it's sunny, the Ruckus Ride is ON. If it's cloudy and doomy, the Ruckus Ride is ON.
If it's sprinkling and pockets of clouds, the Ruckus Ride is ON.
and if it's a full blown thunder storm, the Ruckus Ride is, well, ... I'll let you decide. 

For Last Minute Updates, check the Lady Hump Blog. I'll post information as I have it daily before 1:00 PM

Either way, the SHAMRUCKUS PARTY that night at the Gasser Lounge  will go on, 'nd we'll be there!

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