Monday, March 5, 2012

Charlie's Angels ~ a Lady Hump Television Special

Once upon a time, Jill, Sabrina & Kelly were motor-police officers whose skills were being wasted in menial duties such as escorting political figures through town and answering "heavy breather" phone calls coming into the station, most often from fellow male peers. A mysterious millionaire named Willie "Charlie" Davidson took them away from all that by opening his own private investigation agency, and hiring these gorgeous ladies as his operatives with "The Bozz" played by George Clooney (nothings perfect, right? Hollywood had to insert their own boy toy) acting (hardly...) as their assistant and liaison. The "Angels" frequently went undercover as models, strippers, porn stars, hot high school teachers, high class call girls, escorts, mud wrestlers, enema nurses, bikini waxers, and did I mention "strippers" yet? or cocktail waitresses in their investigations. When Jill left the agency to pursue a career in motorcycle racing(!), she was replaced by her sister Kris. Sabrina also departed to start a family, and she was replaced by a kung fu hipster celebrity debutante Tiffany (insert hot asian into mix), who instantly became too mainstream, and was then replaced by street-smart New Yorker (let's go minority for this one; Porta Rican. Dark Porta Rican or Cuban) Julie. Julie's speacilty was of the sassy oral nature... she could talk any Suspect into submission. 
Don't be a perv, these ladies are "professionals."

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