Tuesday, March 20, 2012

THE CHOPPER ELITE, The Untold Story ... Pt.1

In 1982 a crack Commando Chopper unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as Bikers of Fortune. If you have a relic chopper, if no one else can play, and if you can afford them, maybe you can be friends with the "Chopper Elite."
... not so far from the truth. But for every TOP Dawg, there's a Pound Puppy crying in the euthanasia tank. Chopper Forums are the prominent playground for bitch threads and Internet thuggery.

1.) The Chopper Elite does not talk about the Chopper Elite.
2.) The Chopper Elite does not talk about the Chopper Elite, in public.
3.) If someone asks, aren't you part of the "Chopper Elite" you'll have to back down and redirect attention off of yourself. The Chopper Elite does not garnish itself with attention. It allows others to do that.
4.) No New Members can Join the "Chopper Elite."
5.) Only One "Chopper Elite" group can exist.
6.) You must own (or build) Choppers or have done so in the past.
7.) The Chopper Elite will go on, even after Chopper Fad(s) have expired. The repetitive nature of "explode-implode ... explode-implode ... repeat as often as necessary," does not and will not affect the existence of The Chopper Elite.
8.) If this is your first encounter (reading about) with The Chopper Elite, YOU have already failed.

What is The Chopper Elite? How were they born and where did they come from?
PART I ~ Birthing Pains

The Chopper Elite exists because it must. The Chopper Elite was born in the initial spark of the "Big Bang" theory of the modern era Chopper World. Creationist theories or Evolutionary theories might differ, but the fact remains; The Chopper Elite exist. This is not to say that historical and/or relic figures do not play into the overall popularity of the Chopper Elite, they do, but the Chopper Elite exists because of those beneath it. It has a binding, metaphysical, and ubiquitous power to those in it. The Chopper Elite is surrounded by The Chopper Elite, it penetrates them and binds them together (In a later post I will discuss how geography plays into the overall history and longevity of the Chopper Elite).

The Chopper Elite is the Not-So Secret, "Top Stone" of the great Chopper PYRAMID apex. Much like the "organizers" of a cooperative scheme or (in the world of economics) a "ponzi scheme," only without the guarantee of (any) return. Where falsehoods, lies, and self-betrayals are the only chains on the Slave Population under the Chopper Elite. You created them. You, whether you bought your first bike twenty years ago or 20 minutes ago, You are responsible. If you ever rubber necked the sounds of a set of straight pipes over the perky nips of the 18 year old walking home form Yoga class. You gave birth to something greater than the sum of you. You are not in the Chopper Elite. I am not in the Chopper Elite. We never can be, we never will be. But, we, are responsible.

There's no question about what a chopper really is. This isn't an argument or a discussion on what is and isn't a chopper. During the initial quest for supremacy, many a fellow potential "Elitist" fell under the merciless Avon speed tires of those on the fast track of advancement. The smallest of indiscretions might render you useless to the overall power structure within The Chopper Elite. But those few, who allowed their feelings to guide them, through influence or assisted scratched directions now long since lost to the highways of time, are the ones who eventually became members in one of the most exclusive and reclusive membership only Kultural Klubs in the motorcycle kingdom. Behavioral norms of membership itself is held so secret a cherished truth (of intrinsic value), that even speaking of ones "caste" would be grounds for permanent dismissal. Sub-groups were formed to act as public fronts for the Chopper Elite, and Sub-Sub-groups below them (blogs, forums, Tumblrs, magazines, even; events, rides, parties, FB friends, etc. etc.) for support staff and or friends and family. You may recognize these very sub categories common referred to as "hipsters, scenesters, or non-believers." There are many definitions, ever changing, used for and by, a variety of groups they are part or, pretend to be a part of, or even pretend not to be a party of. This is not a bitch post about the Factory. This is nothing to do with buying used. This merely is, for the sake of being said.

The truth is the beginning of freedom. The beginning of freedom is the abandonment of self held beliefs and ideologies. For those "lightning quick" flashes of enlightenment flourishing within the great unknown of your minds eye, held not by the hands of men, nor sold on the beds of prostitutes.

This is the greatest Prestige.

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