Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Flying Nun ~ a Lady Hump Television What If?

If Sally Fields were patched into the Nun's of Anarchy, the episode would read like this;
The large headgear (DOT approved) on 90-pound novice Sister Bertrille, of the convent San Taco Delicio'so in East Los, enables her to fly in any stiff breeze. Her gift enables her to aid others, whether they wish it or not. Many a peasant or undocumented worker on the streets of Los Angeles, caught in need of assistance during a "stiff breeze" has felt the touch of Sister Bertrille ... oh my!
... and she can also fight Nazi's,
Combat Vampire Nun's within the Church, Wolfmen (who turn out to be just a bunch of horny Alter Boys in Halloween masks), and rampaging Zombie Parishioners. Effectively, everything missing from todays Halequin Romance television programing. Like a Biker version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
And harness the energy of Stigmata! Like a super-power she can shoot blood outta her Vag, blinding bank robbers and corrupt poloticians. She can then challenge the Cardinal for leadership of the M/C.
... I guess she can ride a Sportster too, but it'll have a daisies over polka dot metal flake painted on it.

Notice, it's not a drug related Super Power? You'd think instantly that it's all PCP or some other Hallucinogen. She flies high on the lofty magical Wings of Angels. There's way way way too many "sexy nun" images on the google'y so I wanted to stay away from that kinda Satanic' porn. Bad, bad, bad. Do some "research." Emphasis on the qoutes.

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