Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's called "Wake The Dead Rye IPA" by Zombie Performance

Wake The Dead Rye IPA direct from Zombie Performance / Steffan. IPA's are one of my favorites. Hops and stuff, staight outta Compton, OR. (it's a hood, just not Mt. Hood) bright citrusy flavor, some hinting spice pershaps and the IPA flavor you've come to expect in a great tasting refreshing beverage. Beer reviews are not exactly my speciality like killing Sith, I'll just make a lot of spastic stuff up and then tell you if something tastes good or I hate it. Real reviews, I'll leave those for the guy who really knows his beer, our very own Temecula Terry. By the way, this taste great!

Brewmaster Steffan on his Ironpony (Nov. 4th 2011 at some secret location in the Anza Borrego)


Zombie Performance said...

glad you dig it mang! i gotta brew some more

WhitelinePsycho said...

Love reading acurate descriptors for booze, selling booze, great booze at that, for a quid as I do, it is something that cranks my handle almost as much as bikes . . . your review made total sense to me mate, can almost taste it !!!

Brady Steffl said...

I love the hell out of IPA - but the last rye IPA I had was more of a gimmick than a good beer. I would try this if there was any chance of getting my hands on one. In Germany here the only thing you can get is lager and wheat beer. Sprinkle in a Guinness and one other black beer and that's basically your selection. A hell of a lot better than the lager I'm used to, but dammit I miss my IPA.

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