Monday, March 19, 2012

LADY HUMP FILMS brings you a "Quicky"

What does the Gasser Lounge, The Ruckus Ride, and The Shamruckus all have in common?

The ride turnout was low, but the desire was GRAND. We were, going to ride. I dare say, I'd rateher ride slow in the rain, than not ride at 'all. That being said, there was no rain, and...

... I didn't get caught in the hobbit's version of the scariest parts of the Shinning mixed with the scariest parts of some transgender Deliverance movie with Burt Reynolds and fatty Beatty. Imagine if Martin Sheen and Marlen Brando, riding motorcycles in horror movie called approriately, "Deliverance Now" based on the true story of most of the riders you see in this film. And when I say "true" I mean it. True. But those are tales for another time. Around a warm cottage cabin, with a warm space heater, a static television, a suspicously acquired round of drinks, and the invitation to "have a good time..."

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