Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The League of Shallows, Part 1

T-Shirt ideas usually come to me in machine gun like grand mal seizures. I'll come up with something, and then about forty more self amusing ideas pop into my head all at once. I try to write them down as best I can, but in the end, I'll forget half the stuff I thought was brilliant before I realize I've forgotten it. Once I have an idea that's more or less solid, I'll take a walk downtown and consider my options. "Will making this shirt finally break me and put me on skid row, or can I test fate yet again?" The truth is, I hang out there just to jump off the grid for a few hours and mediate, practice Tai Chi with new and interesting people, or (my personal favorite) talk about the coming apocalypse with people who've spoken first hand to God and/or The Devil, and/or other non-worldly being who've come down from Heaven or outer space (the best ones!) above as a messenger. For some reason, I just feel more at home listening to my friends there explain the base properties of matter, how to bend it, how to manipulate the fundamental principles of physics and other hard to  know stuff, to me, than watching modern era television programs like Jersey Shore or Sons of Anarchy. I'm not a "real" photographer. I'm not a "real" artist, or blogger, or whatever a "biker" is, not me. But what I do, is enjoy the ride. The journey's the reward, the stuff that comes from it (the blog, the photos, the friends, etc. all of it, is cake, like the song goes)  "PURE CANE SUGAR, from Hawaii, grown in the sun ..." and I'm not talking about drugs. Drugs are bad for you, they'll limit the farthest reaches of your minds potential. They'll blind your minds eye more than they'll ever open it.
 I start with an idea and a pencil. I'll trace over the pencil with a fine tip sharpie. I only work in fine lines, I can't master grey tones. I doubt I've ever made a profit what so ever on any T-Shirt I've ever made. Literally, hundreds of people have bought my shirts over the last 8 years and I hope they've worn them for the sake of enjoyment. I know some people don't wear their own shirts, for their own motorcycles company's or shops, etc., but I make mine to enjoy and I'll wear the hell outta them! Is it vain or egotistical? I think not. I've cancelled my cable. I'm done with the hype.
 From then, I'll just photocopy the image a couple times and play with it. This particular shirt, I'm making for the upcoming BACON RUN, March 24th-25th, 2012 / Read about it here on the Chop Cult. By the time you read this on the blog, this shirt will already be in some form of pre-production and I'll follow this post up with a part 2, if you're still interested. I'll also share some of the teaching(s) I've picked up on skid row along the way. Like Bruce Wayne learning the art of fighting from the League of Shadows in Batman Begins, I too have studied under a "like" League of Shallows in Downtown Los Angeles ...
What is white is black. What is black is white. The truth is a lie. The lie is the truth. Obi Wan lied to Luke. The following word will help you immensely along the way to successfully creating your first (or next) T-Shirt design: INVERT. Printing on a black shirt, and expecting black lines to translate means you've got to outline them and reverse the colors. See example above. When I screen this image, the paint will create little naked white bacon eating moto loving hard drinking "Love Is..." male figures (no chicks! just for fun) on a black background. It's not quite finished yet, but it almost is. I play biker every day BUT Sunday. On Sunday's there's just too much compition out on the road. Seriously. Every Sunday biker I see has "crash bars" on his fagtory Hog, what the hell is that for? There's gotta be some Sunday Club I'm not privy too that emails everyone on the chrome polishers list to take their bikes out and ride 12.4 miles around town on Sunday's at high noon or some shet'.

Continued in the coming days and we'll review the final results ...

Oh. What's that? How can you get in on this "Bacon Run" you ask? It's as easy as CLICKING THIS LINK. The shirts will be give-away's somewhere during the drunken debauchery of that Saturday night.

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