Friday, March 30, 2012

Long Beach Cycle Swap CLOSED.

 The Long Beach Cycle Swap CLOSED? Yes. Cancelled for March and beyond. The parking lot gate entrance(s) were locked. Bike's riding in droves were turned away. Vendors with pickup trucks full of barn found chopper gold (and some silver) were left idle without refunds. Parts were literally crying to be loved, "buy me... buy me... I'm still good." Ok. Not true. But so true. Sure, there were people there, but just barely. I again, conducted a asphalt crack inspection since I could practically see the entire parking lot bare of vendors or patrons. One old man said, "If you looking for crack. You just need to go downtown. They're selling it on every corner." Ummm, right. This IS what happens when you allow a "motorcycle" (cycle to be technical) swap meet to go to shit with ANY vendor under the sun. Rules be damned! Yeah, I think it's funny. It's so funny I'm crying. Crying in my milk. Pewsy.
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