Saturday, March 24, 2012

Magic? Yeah, I know how to make it. Squeeze the blood out of two stacked Brothel Fairies, add 1 part dried and crushed Wolfman testical, add a pinch of Desoxyephedrine. Simple.

 About a year ago, while strooling with Wuss Bro. Kit at Born Free 3, we spied a Unicorn Brakelight Cover and quickly pimped it up on La Loca Borracha. Totally made the bike. Totally. If it was food it would have tasted like the best Nacho's you ever put in your mouth. Ever. Made by Douche LaRouche M/C.
(above pic by Blue Collar Chris)

And if you ask yourself where you can get one, then this will lead you to the Yellow Brick Road. Munchin' meat jerky available along the road as snack food! The journey is long but the reward makes you a "Winner!" Charlie Sheen would be proud. You're Mom will even tell her friends at Bridge Club that you've grown so much since rocking the Unicorn Brake Light. Better than the stories about the magazine collection under the mattress again. She always did wonder what happend to her subscription of "O" magazine (that would be Ophra's magazine for those slow in the audience. Gross, I know. Remember Rosie O'donnel's magazine? oh my god, the horror. Seriously, get a girlfriend, any girlfriend. Hell, get a b*yfriend if it's that bad.)
Anyway, Lucifer captured magic being made. I didn't believe it could be done, I thought a Keebler Elf hopped up on sugar and chocolate or Transgender/bi Dwarf of some sort, there's so many, would prohibit him smuggling these pictures out of Middle Earth, but I guess you take one look at him, and you think, "I ain't f*cking with that moth*r f*cker."

Find th*m through Douche on Facebook (best bet)
Yeah, you can b*y one there. "Totally not gay" th*re y*u g*.

Thanks Lucifer. 

What's Holding You Back?
About 900 pounds of Whale Blubber between the two of them I'd say ... ****!

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WhitelinePsycho said...

You are a seriously ill unit and I love that in a bloke, great stuff mate !!!!