Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mica's blog is Sportster for Bad Ass!

But if there's a handful of Sportsters out there that ARE bad ass, then Mica's is one of them.
Although, I'd like to see some color pics of the new paint. hint hint.
I can't read japanese, but if you're a Sportster fan, then it don't matter. 
Add her blog LINK HERE to your list and you'll dig her stuff/pics.
And yeah, the tank was painted by Love Ear Art, who'm I think is one of the best things going right now when we start talking about talent. Check him out too.

and on an unrelated topic...
Speaking of other peoples blogs, no one has come up with anything on Den of Sportsters yet?
I can't believe no one knows what the story is; tired of blogging, etc. etc.



I'm fan ! <3

Lady Hump said...

I am so dumb. The tank is b/w! The trick photography fooled me.