Monday, March 19, 2012

Mike was Gay? No way... Not in this version of the show

I think you can all make up your own Brady Bunch "Alternative Universe" stories, but in the Lady Hump version (as in real life) Architect Mike Brady marries beautiful young Carol, who has three girls to care for. Carol dies in a, I don't know, building collapse due to poor architectual design (get it?). Does it matter? Likewise, Mike's previous wife's death has left him to raise his three boys all alone. In no time this amalgam (does that mean "Menage a'Quad?)  becomes the "ideal" average American bachelours dream. Of course, raising such a large family isn't easy, so live-in housekeeper Mrs. "Alice" Doubtfire is always there to lend a hand when the three young strapping boys need it...

kinda gross hu?

Ok, Mrs. Doubtfire can ride a Sportster too... how's that?

Where are we going with all this t.v. stuff...? When the obvious choice is clear, let's go with the second "less desireable" option and see where that takes us. You don't have to buy your motorcycle from a dealer. There's always the USED market.

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Brady Steffl said...

Uh huh, uh huh, gotcha. So, liked the first part, liked the second part, but I believe in the biz (I still don't know what the hell that means) they call that a non sequitur. Well, whatever, not like you care, just sayin there might be a problem with that rubber mask in the wind. I think she (he's a she, see?) would ride something faired - just sayin'

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