Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mork and Mince Meat

Mork is a bumbling marketing executive from the Planet Harley sent to Earth in an egg, to study its inhabitants and steal their inventive customizing results. He will report to his unseen superior, Willy O., until reassigned. On Earth, he meets female rider, Mindy McConnell, an average woman who rides a stripped down Sportster and takes him in and shelters him. On befriending Mork, she signs herself up for some wacky adventures as Mork learns about human life, motorcycle riding, acting (and looking) very eccentric along the way (skinny jeans, denim cut, Vans, hipster glasses, etc.), traveling on long distance moto rides while having to apply A&D to Mork's unprepared rashed butt cheeks. In addition to spouting "Baker, Baker, 6 in 4", Mork had an uncanny ability to impersonate Chopper Elite mannerisms and qoutes, like "Warbird Tail-light! Right on!", "Dogbone Risers!" and "Panhead, Panhead!". Eventually, the relationship between Mork and Mindy jumped from a strong friendship to constant boning, and they got married at Born Free 5 before 10,000,000 people!. Mork ate Mindy like Devil'd Ham on a cracker, eventually bearing a son, "Jax" from Earth, (an egg literally  popped outa' Morks Butt, you don't remember that do you? Well, that happened on the show) who aged backwards like his father (it was a big ass egg, litterally a "ass egg" ha ha). During the final season of the show, Mork was about 12, Minday was somewhere in her late 50's and arrested for suspicion of child molestation...  the end. Jax moved to Northern California to hunt for Chopper Relics in the Redwood's.


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