Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Odd Couple ~ A Lady Hump Television Special

Based on the Broadway play by Neil Simon, this tells the story of two mismatched motorcycle loving friends, Wyatt Unger and Billy Madison. Whyatt is a neat, tidy, and healthy nut, a child photographer (under investigation in the State of Louisiana) at a portrait studio, and a connoisseur of classical music, let's just say there isn't enough chrome polish in the world for this guy. Because of this, his wife divorced Wyatt and threw him out of his apartment for good. Desperately in the need of a place to live, he moves into a garage "man cave" with his longtime childhood friend, Billy Madison, a hippie loving biker journalist for the Easyrider Magazine. What he realizes is that Billy is the exact opposite of him: sloppy, messy, drug consuming, crack slinging, whore chasing, and drinks all night every night and doesn't ever pick up his socks from the bathroom floor. Wyatt's cleaning, anal, scrubing, bleaching, paranoid hygienic tips, and "all I ever eat is raw lung beans" healthiness annoys Billy while Billyr's crazy world of hard core drug addiction and living like a Wild Hog upsets Wyatt. But in the process they'll learn that love, true love between two men, trust, and friendship are more important than living in different worlds. What one bolts on, the other breaks off ...

They live in New York too (figures) and the ride two-up on a Ironhead Sportster.

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