Thursday, March 22, 2012

Peter Fonda

 Sometimes when the story get's passed along and retold, certain details about hte story become altered. Keep that in mind. So, Lucifer was out and about, and ran into someone who once met Peter Fonda. And, just by chance had Peter Fonda (who incidently, is on the Lady Hump 2012 Ghoul Pool, but that's another post for a previous time). Knowing motorcycle entusiasts around the world would dig this story, I'll bring it to you here. It was 9-11 and the world trade centers fell. Around this time, a certain "American Pride" was on people minds an in their hearts. Hell, I felt it. I wish more people felt it still. People showed their patriotism in ways they could express. This is Bob's helmet. 

Oh. Did I forget to mention that he built a replica of the Captain America motorcycle ridden by Wyatt (Peter Fonda) adorned with the American Flag paint job. He did that too, about ten years ago he put this bike together. It's been sitting (ever) since?, he rides it aroud the town, but Bob's been envited to come out and roll with us the next time we go anywhere or do anything.

I (Allen) can tell this dude's a big Star Wars fan too, so I know we'll all get along just fine... 

Thanks Bob. Thanks for the pics Lucifer. Hope I got the story somewhat right?

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