Monday, March 19, 2012

Ruckus Ride (2 of 5)

 The "South Bay" has the distrinction of being located about as center west as you can get on the map surrounding Los Angeles when it comes to being about getting outta' town. It's not easy.

Take Santa Monica, five minutes north your on PCH, five more minutes you can be twisting up hills on your way to Red Rock Canyon or a dozen twisty mountian roads to choose from. Keep going north or north east and you'll end up in no mans land.

Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, shoot south and keep going. Once you get past Mission Viejo, there's dozen's of places to find solitude and long stretches. By the time you hit Camp Pendleton, you're minds clear.

But Redondo Beach, Hermosa, Manhattan, Torrance, unless you've got an extra couple hours to kill, is the farthest point west you can get in the "Giant Traffic Fucksnarl' that is Los Angeles." Any direction you go, you're going to have to end up going "through it" to get anywhere else. 

Which is why (exactly why) we take great pains to find those long, hidden, fun, stretches of roads that are directly under our fingertips, rubber hips, and sinking ships, to put into our rides. Industiral parks provide fantastical play grounds for two wheeled kids, long stretches of roads alongside railroads, causeways, and truck routes from the Ports and Docks. These make for engine happieness of the best kind. Refineries can be as seculded as abandoned towns in a desert. Plus any chemicals you might accidently come into contact with might make you a super human like the "Hulk" or maybe even (if you're lucky enough) the "Toxic Avenger." Whether you use your new powers for good or for evil, is ultimately, up to you. Good times, right there boys and girls!

 Mike's Global Killer. All Killer, No Filler. 6 Gallon reserve on top of 20 Gallon tank. More HP than two Mac Trucks. Race Engine. Thirteen Magnetos. Eight Carburators. Hell, I don't know... but it's BIG! Once he raced Diamond Dave from Los Angeles to New York and he got there six minutes before Roth even left California.

 We stopped for dinner at the Chowder Barge. Tomorrows post.

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