Sunday, March 18, 2012

THE RUCKUS RIDE ~ Smacks you in the Face!

 I should have brought my sun glasses.
The rain, or should I say, the possibility of rain, really altered many a peoples attendance plans. Well, this is Southern California, where if you've lived here for any amount of time (5 minutes or more), you'll instantly know that you can NOT depend on weather reporting from the local news channels (ratings, ratings, ratings, "Stormwatch 2012..." bullshit) or other sources. You'll see "Weather Men" (fake tans, bad suits, trying to be funny and cute, but coming off snobbish and old) on the news point blank tell you it's going to rain all weekend (listen to me I have a degree in weather), and then, nothing. It turns out to be a sunny weekend. I'm sure Weather Men in other areas of the country can pretty much get away with the "voodoo" predictions that they do ("Hey! There's snow in Colorado..." Duh), but not here in Sunny So Cal. Enough about that, don't play Ostrich again because of the weather forcast.

So it rained in the morning for the briefest of times in our fair weather beach cities, then the sky parted as if destiny foretold there would be a Ruckus Ride, the like of which none have seen prior. Ancestrial bones and frosted charms, mixed with a heavenly amount of stout courage, did indeed ensure that the Ruckus Ride would be a success, and it was, I got the "testimony" first hand you see. You know where we started (the Gasser Lounge), we drifted down towards the industrial center of Wilmington and ended up snacking at The Chowder Barge, then returning through the gaunlet to the Gasser for the Shamruckus Party, voted best place to celebrate St. Patricks Day in Redondo Beach (thanks in no small part to all you Lady Hump fans who helped vote the results a huge lead over any neighboring bar, something like 182 to 11, or some ridiculous amount of "non" scientific voting! ha ha!)

As always, I've got tons and tons of pictures. All week long.

Oh yeah!

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Total support re the rain debate man, devoted several of my early posts to that peculiar soft cock phenomena . . . the only weather dude I ever liked worked alongside Ron Burgundy . . . money for nothing, that gig. Keep on humpin Lady !!!