Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saturday, March 31st

 Lucifer want to remind me there's two shows (events) this weekend that seem pretty cool. First on the roll is Street Chopper at the Juke Joint in Anaheim. Starts at Noon. (Now, I know, you're thinking cops are nazi's in Anaheim, the O.C. Well, play nice and maybe they won't bother you. Same with Burbank next on the map; the cops are large and in charge. Don't test your burnout skills down San Fernando Road at midnight, just saying, peace. I don't need any more crazy friends in jail then I've already got).

Dice parties are off the hook when they're outta town cause they bring out everybody from those locals. Well this one sounds like it's going to be even better, at Evil Spirit Engenieering in BURBANK the backyard of the Valley. 6pm-Midnight. It says free beer, hopefully it's not PBR (why is it always PBR? Stuff is horrid). IPA's are mighty delicious. Stouts, Heffen's, anything but that jimmy swill. Beside, I know you guys; if this was a street car named desire, you'd be yelling "Stella!"

As in Atros for the slow to pick up.

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