Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sit On It, Potsie!

 Richie Cunningham was a nerd. So were his friends. The only reason to ever watch Happy Days were the motorcycle episodes involving Arthur "Fonzie" Fonazarelli, who was a uber cool Italian (German) American hot rod mechanic who was patched in with Milwaukee Wisconsin Chapter of The Falcons, OMG. 

In early episodes Fonzie rode a customized Knucklhead and a Sportster (no doubt). For reasons unknown, maybe due to head injuries as he was rarely seen wearing a helmet and had a tendency to get into "street fights" over petty issues, he switched to Triumphs and a BSA. Here's a link to a LIST of all the episodes of Happy Days where the Fonz and his motorcycle(s) were the main storyline. That alone, probably makes this post worth while...

The Fonz controlled the turf surrounding Arnold's Drive-In Restaurant and lived in a garage apartment above the Cunningham home. Let's just say this, that the Cunninghams never need to explain the "birds and the bee's" to little Richie (or for that matter little Joanie, who knew the Fonz better than one would think... for a show set in the '50s).

For reasons I'll not be able to explain, the Fonz lived a humble life of servitude within a group of high school retards, mentally challenged relatives (reference: Chachi. Whadda tool), absurdly naive landlords, almost brainless dog like obedient women (everywhere he went)(with the single exception of Pinky "Taco Lips" Tuscadero, who ran her own female gang and rightfully beat on the local retards at Arnold's). Is there any wonder why he dared water ski amongst the sharks? Nay I say. 

Remember "Suicide Hill"? Why go up it? Because it's there.

 (Check those tires? All the cool kids are running them now-a-days.)
 IMDB has summaries quotes available for most television shows and movies. In this instance, I was unable to find any suitable quotes there, so I had to resort to a secondary source material here;

"Squatting, Potsie lowered himself onto Fonzie’s massive Italian engine, first gripping its head with his sphincter and then, once it was secure, driving the rest home. As usual, Potsie had his class cardigan draped around his neck. Improvising, he picked up the sleeves between his teeth and held them there like a riding harness, looking over his shoulder at Fonzie for approval. Fonzarelli gave the sweater a couple of good hard yanks to let Potsie know who was in control. Then he put his hands behind his head and watched ol’ Pots go to work. For a nerd, the kid sure could drive stick."  (read more?)
(You know, he used to say "Sit on it." I wonder if he was referring to his thumb? eww, gross!)

Did Fonzie and Pinky ever have any children together?

There's unmistakable evidence to the affirmative.

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