Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast ... and Breaksmash!

 You've seen a million food blog posts, who's cooking Chime'changas and who's fryin' bacon in extra lard (delicious!), but today's Green Pancakes and Rainbow Eggs at the Lady Hump Compound. I couldn't seem to get red eggs but what'eva. Blue, Green, and Yellow were enough to awe the family.
 Right when we were sitting down for breakfast, we heard the crash from outside and sure'nuff, there was a casualty out front. 
Well, it might be a bit windy, but we're getting ready to leave to the meet spot for the Ruckus Ride. Nay'sayers welcome too! Let's Ride.
Consider this your LAST "Ruckus Ride" UPDATE.
Prepare for additional rain.
Currently, it's raining and/or slightly windy. Forcast for rain the rest of the day.

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