Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday ... at the Long Beach Cycle Swap

Atom Rotten's going to be selling at the Long Beach Cycle Swap this Sunday (3/25/12) 
What's so post worthy about that? I'm glad you asked. He'll have 3 relic's there that shouldn't be missed. (2) 1970's XLCH's, (1) 1972 XLCH, and a 1976 FLH, about 10 crates of Ironhead parts, another 5 crates of Pan/Kuckle/45 parts, andrew cams, Dell barrels, un-used Arlen Tranny Cover, ridiculous amounts of fun times for your two wheeled pickle. Here's some (less worthy than seeing in person) cell phone pics. So where's he going to be at? Probably between the My Pretty Pony expecting mother and toddler booth and the Western Boot Barn knit and craft booth. Literally, they'll let any scumbag in as a vendor, even your grandmother slinging bean pie can buy a vendor spot.
It used to be about the Motorcycles, at least this seller will be ...
Atom will be in spots 213-214-215

Untouched Ness Sportster that's been in storage since 1986.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Love that period of Nessness, especially skirtsters, too nice !!

Anonymous said...

The gear system on this cruiser is the Shimano internal3-speed California Bikes.