Thursday, March 1, 2012

T.V. Party March

... and now for something completely different.

You ever wonder what television programs would be like if the Lady Hump were in charge of the writing and production? Me too. All the time. I knew we thought exactly alike. I said blow up your t.v. before, but I think I'm going to give it a chance. Imagine if LSD came in Vacuum Tubes? Wha? So, for the month of March, we'll be crossing the internet out and making this the television capitol of the web... what? Get ready to see (read) your favorite television shows as a kid, through the eye's of the Lady Hump... You thought Mr. Toad had a wild ride? Think again. Then again once more...

Remember this, the world's going to end this year on December 21st. There won't be any more Lady Hump blog after that. We're going out with a bang and you're invited. On that fateful day or reckoning, we've reserved the Gasser Lounge for the "End of Day's, a Lady Hump Farewell" Heck, there won't be any blogs after that unless you're forced to surf the factory "Dark Custom" blog in hell? There's always that possibility.

"You must accessorize your Crossbones."
Who's that?
"It's me, Satan!"
But, I don't want to.
"You don't have a choice. Now pick your after market accessories... pick them all."
... Damn. Hell sucks.
"What? I heard that."
"I didn't think so ... and by the way, you're riding bitch."

Think of it like this; Do you think it's funny to bag on Sons of Anarchy when "Bro's" so easily stab each other in the back? Wanna live on that hippie commune in Easy Rider, or take dip in the stream with the buff boys of Wild Hogs (the best movie of the year, if I remember correctly?), learn to build choppers on American Choppers, or solve crimes the spiritual way with Lorenzo Lama? Who? Oh that guy. No? Tell you what then, come back in a month. This might not be your thing. Tick skin required to operate this Remote Control Homegirl. Squeeze me!


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