Friday, March 2, 2012

Twice that shit busted on CRFyou ...

 Still more pictures from the Sue Boy Ride 2/25/12

 You know the bike, The DickSkinner, a 1959 Triumph Trophy, from the Chop Cult article on it back on January 20th 2012. We'll seem's like CRFyou had a oil line that just didn't want to copperate with a hose clamp. Fair enough, bondage that sucker in place with a bunch of zip ties and let's see if it can free itself again! Think not.

Thought not. Minor delays are nothing compared to the joy of two wheeled stupidness!

CRFyou is also one of the people organizing this months BACON RUN, so check that out and make sure you hold your junk while you lounge around the Bacon Run Hot Tube soaking in the sedation of consuming far too much pork. You probably don't want anyone else holding it for you.

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