Monday, March 12, 2012

"What's all this Ruckus about then, Aye?"

Quick Request; go HERE and VOTE for the GASSER LOUNGE best bar to celebrate St. Patricks Day at. Thanks. I think it'd be funny as hell to blow this poll out of the water!

Ok, the Ruckus Ride is ON.
We'll meet at the Gasser Lounge (official starting line) at 3:00 pm and leave shortly after that. I know some of you have reserved rooms at the local Seaside Motel, so this is ideal. Now, second option is, if you're coming from far point station (east of Los Angeles) and you wanna meet us at our second Meet Spot, that's fine. 611 N. Henry Ford Ave, Wilmington, CA. We'll be eating at the Chowder Barge and leaving there no later than, say 5pm. We'll cruise the Horn backwards and cross the finish line back at the Gasser. The SHAMRUCKUS party usually peaks near midnight when they let the little Leperchauns outta their cages and everyone tries to snag one of those greasy little varments.

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