Monday, March 26, 2012

Why are you sleeping in your car? Get some bacon in yo' belly!

 So I'm taking pictures of the bikes at the Long Beach meet spot for the Bacon Run take off. I'm walking around the Bacon Bus snapping away and there's this ol' couple knocked out in the car. Not wanting to scare them into a heart attack with my Skullycorn Chop Cult shirt or something, I have Lady Alizon knock and ask if they're ok. She say's "Dont you remember they were sitting next to us at breakfast?" No. I don't take mental pictures of old people sipping decaf in coffee shops while I'm feasting! I guess it was just nap time, and I'm down for a good nap now and then.
 So Lady Alizon took these pics (above and below) on the Bacon Run. Lucifer also brought over his pics. His will be going up, probably, for the next week or two or three... he rides like nobodies business and he takes a mess of photos along the way. Tons.

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