Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Street Chopper (Pt. 4, Release Party March 2012) ... Bad Azz (and why).

 More Sportster Legends of Awesomeness rolling dirty into the Street Chopper release party. Take note; Sportsters Kick Azz (that's spelled with two "Z's" as in, they're so cool, they're as cool as ZZ Top. Word to your Muther.) 

Excerpts from a interview conducted at random and on the spot at the Juke Joint;
"En mi país, un hombre mataría anotehr hombre a montar en bici como ese. Hell, una mujer puede matar a otra mujer, solo para su hombre andar en bicicleta. Te hace muy, muy popular en estos momentos, pero en su camino. That Sportster is thee Shit!"

Pics by Lucifer. Interview conducted by Gordon "The Flesh" Knight.

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