Monday, April 9, 2012

Street Chopper (Release Party March 2012)

 Nothing surprises me anymore when Lucifer sent in these photos to the Lady Hump press box and asked for $300 per picture, I told him I'd only pay him that if he could snap a picture of Julia Roberts in a thong!
(Truth be told, I wouldn't care to see Julia Roberts in a thong. I don't pay Lucifer for any photos, although my secretary might give him an advance. Now, Lady Gaga's little mushroom is another matter... that price might be negotiable. Raw Raw.)
 I guess WCC are now the new black. He's been tarnished and trampled so anything he ever made "back in the day" will become collectible. Just ask any Nazi memoribilia collector. He lost the war. His legacy is "black market gold" for collectors. Where's Erik Lehnsherr when you need someone to rip the iron right outta someones blood?
 I need tassles.
 This is the FIRST TIME I've ever posted a pic of a (85?) Honda Sabre. Another Lady Hump first. Is it a girls bike? NO. Is it a chopper favortie? NO. Would I ever ride a tank bag like that? NO. Then why pub it? Cause, this dude rode it to the Street Chopper release party and that right there is reason enough!
 You'll feel a little more comfortable with Duane's bad ass ride.
 And this lil' jap chop. Bad ass! (more later)
Slander is spoken, in print it's libel...

I couldn't wait till later. I had to post a picture of a Sportster that was there too... Sometimes it's difficult to think there's any other bikes worthy of this blog other than Sportsters. Sprotsters are the key to longevity and the answers to all of lifes mysteries. You know it's true. Shut up.


Duane Ballard said...

Guess who owns the killer Sabre. That would be me. I can't believe you put my Tron bike on your site. One of my cousins was in town so he rode it and Lisa and I rode my CB. The Sabre won't win you any cool points but it's a blast to ride. Lisa and I took it to the Born Free IV party at Garage Co. That bike is invisible at those type of things. I love it.

Lady Hump said...

Yeah! I love it. I'm looking at getting a 80's Magna myself. Respect.