Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alien Abduction Bash, and more (VVMC/BA Moto) this upcoming weekend ....

The 2012 Alien Abduction Bash is this weekend, are you going to be there? (the correct answer you should already have said is, "Yes.") The Lady Hump will be contributing some prizes for the Raffle give-aways.

Now if you're not ... and we realize there's some situations that might prevent you from attending an event in Nevada. You live in Tarzana (it's just too far away...). You need a new tire. You're bikes been up and down more than a hookers panties. You're name is Naked Rob and you're Broke. You've got an appointment with your "girl friend" for her weekly pedicure (after all, who's going to hold her purse while she's getting her toenails ground down right? ... bring you're protective eye wear). Well, there's still some other events you might be interested in sneaking out to ...
Third Sunday VVMC Ride 5/20 to South Bay to BA Moto Opening

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