Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alien Abduction Raffle, and the Batwing Tank I didn't win... (quietly crying in my milk)

I didn't win the Bat Wing Tank or the Helmet, but I did win a headlight from After Hours Choppers that comes in pretty handy for a guy on CRUTCHES! Thanks. Seriously, it's a headlight (not a head lamp) that wraps around your head so you dont have to hold a flash light. Props for bringing something I could use! Although, damn, I wanted to rock that tank so bad... oh well. Maybe next year. Nope. This was it. The Alien Abduction Bash will not be back next year. It'll be back, but not next year and it won't be held in Rachel. Maybe some other fine UFO commuity will open their Roswellian' arms to this group of Pelicanists! I did manage to capture Kiki rocking a winning Lady Hump shirt, but I dont remember who won the Lucifer shirts we brought so I totally missed those pictures!

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