Monday, May 7, 2012

Giant Rock Run ~ April 28th, 2012 ~ Pictures by Jennifer (1)

Just got off the phone with "fire jump" Rob who attended the Giant Rock Run. He filed the following report, which may or may not have actually happened; We met in Long Beach, headed out towards the desert, rolled north for a ways, met up with some other cats from San Clemente at a "fruit stand"? (not what you think) Rode up through Yuka and stopped at Pappy and Hariots in Pioneer Town (a regular biker hog meet up, think chaps and tassles), drank a lot of beer and grilled cheese sticks. Jesse left directions for Hugo in the bathroom above the pisser, but Hugo got lost and never made it! Sucks. Looped around the desert, made it to Landers, rode the rest of the way through dirt, two bikes took dirt naps in the sand, but got up and continued along the dirt trails ala moto-cross. Finally got out to "the Rock", did a victory lap around the rock, set up and got the party started. Climbed the rock, it was a stupid idea, but did it anyway. Camped overnight, drunk a lot of beer, some bro's rolled out and delivered firewood and stuff. Hillbillys rode by and asked if they could shoot guns, "Sure!" (next time we'll think about it better) "go for it." Sketchy ghetto clip unloading during the night. There were  some drunk guys who rolled up in caged trucks and tried to climb rocks in the dark, lots of weird stuff, lights in the sky, fires across the landscape, some guys were attacked by Bats looking for a quick meal. Passed out. Weird stuff continued through the night. May have, stress the word "may" have, been probed by aliens (unconfirmed), but you gotta trust your "feelings."

More pics tomorrow. Thanks to Ben and Jennifer for taking the pics!

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