Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's start getting into some of the Costa Rica photography ... Motor Psychos Bar and Grill

Decided since I was in Costa Rica, I was going to go moto exploring, so renting a small bike is easy enough. Traveling along un-known roads, a bit harder. My cell service didn't work there, but the one thing that did was the google map app which (thank God) enabled me to at least see where I was (even if it seemed the roads didn't follow the map version). Anyway, I made my way to the Motor Psycho's Bar and Grill in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
Behind the Bar and Grill, was the Los De Xibalba M/C, at their Clubhouse, who were hosting a Swap Meet. I have absolutely no comparison standard to measure this event, but I can tell you, everyone seemed to have a great time, I had a great time and (math is hard) even translating some of the prices, things appeared to be in good price range. I only bought hot dogs and beer, but that was a good thing. Had a great time, took a ton of photos. Have to find a little time to get everything organized.

Tell me how cool is it?, that you can just hit up some moto-event in another country, and have a great time, take a lot of pictures, see a lot of cool choppers and motorcycles. I love it.

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