Monday, May 21, 2012

Mission Control ... We Have Lift Off (Alien Abduction Bash)

Fresh back from the Alien Abduction Bash in Rachel, Nevada. Here's what I can tell you. It ain't easy getting around on crutches. Screw that. From what I was told, the venue (we'll just call it that for now) had a dirt lot last year, and this year it was now a dirt lot covered in about three inches of small gravel. That's great if you're just driving around on it, walking on it, landing your space-barge on it, etc., but not so much if your hobbeling along on two shaky aluminum sticks and a flat footed converse all star. I also found out that when the paradoy posters say "photography is limited in this area" and all of a sudden my disc deletes hundred of photos I took, I realize they've (they, them) managed to put something in my drink (singular "drink" as if, as if, I only had a drink... oh dear) that seems to blurr or erase memories? How else did all these missing moments of my life occur? Aliens? Yeah, they were there too ... and I have the evidence. I read a secret message in the cold Alphabet Soup I found on a chair before I drank it too, it read "TRY TO ESCAPE..."

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ET said...

Thanks for coming out! Yep, memory loss is a frequent occurrence out there...happened to most everyone that night. But props to you for rocking the crutches and putting in some really kick-ass raffle prizes!