Friday, May 4, 2012

Rice, Beans, and a Broken Leg ...

 So there I was, flaoting in the water with what I knew was a broken leg. I didn't feel any bones patruding from my calf so I knew it wasn't immediately shark attracting. That didn't stop them from circling by the way. How do you break your leg in the ocean? Ask me and I'll tell you sometime. I managed to beach the great white whale and drag myself across volcanic sand to the nearest bar where the nurses attended to my severe dehydration and hobbled me to shelter. Luckily it was the already the end of my vacation and I was on a plane back to the States within 49 hours. 
 Costa Rica is a beautiful country, the people so very respectful, and the food very delicious. I had a blast on my little get away.
 While in Costa Rica, I also rented a 400cc moto and squirrled all around the west coast, and lucky enough to attended a Swap Meet put on by the LOS DE XIBALBA M/C. Super rad hospitality, thanks.
Took a bunch of moto pics and spotlighted some Sportsters and Rat Bikes. I'll be posting those up in the coming days of my recovery...

I'm scheduled for surgery tonight.
For those of you who have ordered Lady Hump merchandise, shirts, etc., Lucifer and Lady Alizon are on it. Lady Alizon's at the Post Office shipping stuff out as I type this. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the unexpected delay (even though it was only a couple days, I like to normally mail stuff out the next day. But, as you can imagine, a broken leg might somehow prevent that?).
Thanks to everyone who's called me to see if I was punching Crocodiles or Sharks? The truth is, both. At the same time! With one hand holding a Imperial.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Hell of a way to finish a holiday man, get well, keep the fluid intake high, if you know what I mean.