Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday's this Summer at ... the Dealership? Are you kidding me?

Just bought your new 'Seventy Two chopper, polished it up good, and don't know where you should ride it? Beat the mainstream rush and cruise on down to the Dealership. Stop sharing your wiener with your flame, and grab hold of your own Dog!
Screw Me, Let's Ride! Do you like Kool Aid? I've had enough of you non-believers in the Dealership! It's time to get off your high horse and come on down and chow on some pig (and processed by-products; may include mechanically separated turkey, beef lips and rectums, pork, sodium nitrate (ummm, cancer...) or other rodent parts as allowed by the FDA). I've always supported the Dealership and the fine advanced technology and impressive styling (like their very own original ideas; metal flake paint options!), motorcycles they release each year. Who, after all, can forget the now legendary 883Iron? It's not just a flat painted Sportster. No. It's got a "chopped" fender and drag bars! Whoa! You'll learn the secret "dark custom" handshake (now, due to a class action suit; testical tickling free) You're cool now Son. (Son is a popular tag word, associated with the Son's of Anarchy television show, which by the way kept the factory from bankruptcy for yet another season... oh excuse me. I suddenly got off track). Free Hotdogs, Free Chili, and $1. Soda's? You can't very well beat that can you? Hogz N Dogz in Harbor City at the Stealership. Dress up and come on down in your finest officially licensed leather accessories and chomp on a free wiener!


*Serious. I'll bite that wiener.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Cynicism done well is a dish enjoyed hot or cold, mmmmmm, I'm coming back for seconds . . . great post Lady Gimp, top form even with a busted leg.

FSK said...

fuck yah! I'm all about free wieners!