Tuesday, June 19, 2012

24 Cycles is to Ironheads what Wharhol was to Tomato Soup

This Sunday (June 24th), at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. 24 Cycles...

Ironhead Mecca

Non-Sportster parts are forbidden to enter the holiest of Ironhead Cities, this is untold Indian Jones story that Steven Spielberg was never able to film. Indiana Jones would have been played by Tom Waits and all the action scenes would of involved Waits on a (real) Ironhead (not like that pathetic Crystal Skull movie where Le'buff rode a modern POS), invading the gang clubhouse of an underground nazi satanic biker cult and, first culling all the "bearded devils"then rescuing all the gagged and bound "mind washed" college blonds, then recovering the most sought after relic of all time, "The (original) Warbird taillight" which incidentally, he'll hand over to a motorcycle museum that'll put it on a shelf with hundreds of other chopper relics that no one uses anymore, the "Elite" only hordes... being too close to reality, this movie will never be made. 


WhitelinePsycho said...

All hail the omniscient sage, bow down before the Lady Hump of Darkness and the his henchman Lord Lucifer . . . mighty are thy words and woe betide the disbelievers.

Terry Whitehurst said...

I have gas now!